Pregnancy and breastfeeding have several effects on a woman’s body, especially the breasts. Women often experience sagging, drooping and a loss of volume and shape, which can lead to decreased self-confidence. With a breast lift procedure, perkiness and shape can be restored safely and effectively.

Women who are interested in maintaining their cup size and improving the elevation of their breasts may be ideal candidates for breast lift surgery. In some instances, the breasts may have to be lifted substantially to shape them and set them in a better position, potentially losing some volume. The extent of the surgery will depend on how severe the sagging issue is and how much volume has been lost. It will also depend on what cosmetic look the patient desires.

During breast lift surgery, there are different techniques that can be used, but incisions around your areola and/or breast crease are typical. If you have gone up or down in cup size during childbirth and breastfeeding, you may opt to receive a breast augmentation along with the lift. This can be discussed with our medical team prior to surgery.

Many women find that the breast lift is not as invasive as other breast enhancement surgeries, but it does leave visible scarring. These will fade over time and are usually not visible outside of bras and other clothing. Before surgery, you will be asked about your incision scar preferences, and the appropriate technique will be chosen for you.

If you want to bring shape back to your drooping, deflated breasts, contact Soma Plastic Surgerytoday to schedule a consultation and find out if a breast lift is right for you. You will be able to describe to our medical team what you want the outcome to be, and we will tailor the procedure to your needs. Further questions about the procedure such as the recovery times, the cost, and aftercare information will answered for you during your visit. Doctor Papanicolaou will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Whether you decide to maintain your cup size or opt for an augmentation along with the lift, the proper treatment plan will be created for you. Women who are generally healthy with no serious medical conditions and who are not planning any further pregnancies are usually approved for this procedure. Results are long lasting but can still be impacted by the natural aging process and weight fluctuations.