Lip enhancement, also known as lip augmentation or lip injections, is a process that uses natural or synthetic cosmetic fillers to add plumpness to the lips. Patients seek fuller lips to improve their appearance, boost self-confidence or to restore a youthful appearance to their lips that has been lost due to age.

Whatever your reason for desiring a fuller pout, there are a few types of lip enhancement options for you to consider. Lip injections provide desired results that last for months, while lip implants or other types of surgical procedures offer a more permanent solution. You can also choose from permanent makeup, lip lifts or vermillion (lip) advancement to provide the appearance of plumpness.

Benefits of Lip Enhancement

With a wide variety of procedural options, you can customize an option to fit your needs. Those wanting to see the results before committing to a more permanent change can opt for lip injections, which can be adjusted to accommodate patient preference. Those who are ready for a permanent solution so as to avoid multiple procedures can choose surgical enhancement or implants. Regardless of the procedure you choose, one of the biggest benefits is that the majority offer a quick recovery period, often in as little as a day.

Candidates for Lip Augmentation

If you feel your lips are too thin or they seem to disappear when you smile, it’s likely that you are a good candidate for lip enhancement and can benefit from the procedure. It’s even possible to change the shape of your lips with some types of treatments. So if your lips are uneven or you’re unhappy with the amount of gum that shows when you smile, you’ll be pleased to know that these issues can be addressed. Those undergoing lip enhancement should be in good physical health and be realistic about what to expect from the experience. Consult with your practitioner regarding your medical history and ask to see photos of other patients’ results in order to make an informed decision that’s right for you.

About Lip Enhancement Procedures

Lip injections and permanent makeup are non-surgical procedures that are done in the office. They require very little preparation, and you can expect minimal downtime, making these incredibly convenient and popular options for many. The lip area will be numbed topically with a cream, and the procedure should be less than an hour.

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