Your eyes are one of the first things that people notice when they look at you. They also happen to be one of the first places on your face to show age. The eyes are important to your overall appearance, and they can make you look much older than you are.

When you are young, the skin on your eyelids is smooth, but that skin stretches and muscles weaker over the years. Your eyebrows might droop, and your eyelids can follow suit. Loose or baggy eyelids take away from your appearance and make you look both older and more tired. When your brow drops, even more skin crowds your upper eyelids and gives you an exaggerated hood and more crow’s feet.

Today there are many things you can do to correct these issues and give your face a rejuvenated appearance. These treatments can also make you look and feel much younger than before. Blepharoplasty and brow lifts are two options that could be right for you.

Blepharoplasty can improve the appearance of your eyelids and give you a more youthful look. This surgery removes the extra skin from your eyelids and gets rid of bulging fat and lazy muscles. The sagging skin is removed through an incision that is naturally hidden in the eyelid crease. Muscles can be tightened at the same time. Fat in the lower lid can also be removed or repositioned to give the eye a better contour. Some patients have laser resurfacing done at the same time to smooth and tighten the area even more.

For some people, the blepharoplasty surgery works well. Others need a complete brow lift. The eyelid surgery will not elevate a drooping brow or remove wrinkles and crow’s feet from that area. The brow lift will elevate the brows and help correct those issues. Sometimes, brow lifts are done at the same time as eyelid surgeries and sometimes the brow lift is enough to correct all of the issues. If you have forehead creases or if your upper eyelids sink over your eyelashes, you might need a brow lift instead of just an eyelid surgery.

If you are not sure which procedure you need or what is involved with either, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Papanicolaou at SOMA Plastic Surgery. You can discuss your concerns and find out what is recommended for the outcome you desire. During your consultation with our medical team, we will review everything you need to know about preparation and recovery.