As the body ages, skin begins to become looser. This can give the false appearance of excess fat, ugly lines that seem impossible to remove and other problematic conditions that may detract from your natural beauty. The arms are one place where the skin begins to sag as a person becomes older. Collagen breaks down, the epidermis loses elasticity, and excess fat deposits can make your arms appear less-than-perfect even if you work out.

The best way to reverse the effects of age on the arms is known as an arm lift. This procedure can eliminate sagging skin, reduce excess fat, and tighten the underlying structures responsible for the appearance of tight skin.

What is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift, otherwise known as Brachioplasty, is any procedure that aims to remove excess fat or skin from the arm or the connected regions. The goal is to provide a more youthful appearance by making the structures covering the muscle and bone tissue of the arm tauter.

There are four main types of arm lift procedures performed: traditional arm lifts, extended arm lifts, hidden arm lifts and liposuction arm lifts. Each one focuses on treating different underlying conditions that can make the skin of the arm look saggy or loose.

A traditional arm lift focuses on removing skin and fat from the upper arm. It may remove some tissue from the back and shoulder to make the procedure more successful.

An extended arm lift is much like a traditional one but covers a larger area. Areas on the side of the body, such as near the pecs or along the back, may have excess fat or skin removed in an attempt to give the appearance of tighter arms.

Hidden arm lifts focus on treating the tissue underneath the arm. These arm lifts are typically the most beneficial for patients who have had or have an excess amount of fat on their body.

A Liposuction arm lift focuses on removing fat from the arms. The benefit of this procedure is that they require minimal incisions, which means that they will produce less scar tissue than other arm lifts. Younger patients will benefit the most from liposuction arm lifts because their skin tends to have more elasticity.

Is an Arm Lift Right for You?

No two bodies are the same, which is why there are different types of arm lifts designed to treat very different problems. These arm lifts may treat excess fatty tissue, loose skin or a combination of problems that affect the appearance of the patient’s arms.

An arm lift can remove many of the symptoms age can create upon the arms. This can make skin look tighter while providing a heightened focus on the underlying muscle in the arms. Arm lifts can also be combined with other procedures to make the body look more youthful and appealing.

The best way to ensure an arm lift is right for you is to work with one of our team at Soma Plastic Surgery. A consultation with us will allow you to rest assured that your arm lift will provide results that satisfy you and last you for many years. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.